Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company reviews - Detroit Opera

Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company reviews

October 2018

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Sue - Livonia

Powerful piece. The fight scenes are very well done. Glad this was done as one without intermission. Had not realized more than one hour had gone by, it was that interesting.


Ellen Kahn - Detroit @ MOT

Most unusual dance performance.
The dancers were completely in sink with each other that was
remarkable. Difficult to understand the language sung and spoken.
It was a unique experience!


Front row. Regular patron of opera and dance - Detroit

What a beautiful evening at the opera house.
Thank you for stretching or minds in cultural, social, political. and in gender equality.
Arts have a way of being inclusive… may it continue.
M. Therese Oldani


Lindsay Kee - Whitmore Lake

Very compelling but not much dance as expected.


Bob - Huntington Woods

Incredible performance. Bill Jones hit it out of the park with his imaginative ability to enter the world of the streets, prison, addiction, hip hop, clubs and urban youth culture and then translate these experiences into movement, dance, poetry and a narrative of moments. Thank you for sharing this.