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Michigan Opera Theatre (MOT) is proud to share "MOT Learns at Home," an initiative for teachers, parents, and students which connects the arts with at-home learning! Each unit contains 6-8 lesson plans focusing on opera and dance, with separate units specifically designed for elementary, middle, and high school.

LESSONS: What is Opera? (Grades 3-5)

The eight lessons in this unit are designed to give elementary-aged students a broad introduction to and understanding of opera, with emphasis on the many people who help to bring opera to life, from composer to conductor to singers!


LESSONS: The Very Last Green Thing

Michigan Opera Theatre Children’s Chorus presented the opera world’s first virtual children’s opera in April of 2020! Click Here to watch a very special “encore” performance of The Very Last Green Thing, just in time for Earth Day. Teachers and parents can further explore the opera’s themes through lesson plans and activities designed specifically for distance learning.


LESSONS: What is Opera? (Grades 6-8)

This unit gives middle school students the chance to develop new and personal understandings of opera, with emphasis on opera as a storytelling medium with a "role" for everyone.

WHAT IS OPERA? unit grades 6-8

LESSONS: Welcome to Ballet (Grades 9-12)

In this unit, high school students will explore the history of ballet, learn about ballets that are still being performed today, and see ballet has evolved over time. These six lessons will give young dancers the opportunity to explore, reflect, create, develop, and perform their own work.


LESSONS: I, Too, Sing America (Grades 9-12)

This special web series integrates music, video, oral history, monologue, and poetry to illustrate the trailblazing achievements of African American artists and athletes, examining the many important “firsts” from artists and athletes of color who paved the way for integration. With curriculum units for music and social studies.

i, too, sing america (Grades 9-12)


The Department of Education and Community Programs has brought its varied musical programs to every age group in Michigan for nearly 40 years. Artists visit schools, community centers, and stages throughout Michigan, performing shows that range from lively children’s operas to musical revues. Founded by Karen V. DiChiera, the Department of Education and Community Programs serves the entire state with quality entertainment and education.

Since its inception, the Department of Education and Community Programs has been honored with awards and recognitions including the Governor’s Arts Award, a Spirit of Detroit Award, and multiple Philo T. Farnsworth Awards for Excellence in Community Programming, among others. Touring productions, concerts, workshops, and residencies have reached many thousands of people throughout the state of Michigan, and programs have extended as far as Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and Canada. With an ever-growing repertoire of productions, an exciting roster of up-and-coming singers, and a circle of experienced and passionate teaching artists, the Department of Education and Community Programs continues to provide people of all ages with opportunities for access, growth, and learning through the arts.

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The mission of the Michigan Opera Theatre Children’s Chorus is to provide exceptional choral music and theatrical performance instruction in a professional environment to young people. This instruction will foster their creativity, personal expression and social growth. Offering a curriculum that embraces diverse cultures and traditions and a rich and extensive range of musical genres, the program will seek to instill personal and artistic excellence in its students. In keeping with its role as a major cultural resource to the entire community, Michigan Opera Theatre will offer these unique learning opportunities to a diverse group of students from varied economic, cultural and social backgrounds.

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