Mural in Motion: a Detroit Opera Innovation - Detroit Opera

Mural in Motion: a Detroit Opera Innovation

At the southwest corner of the Detroit Opera House, you may have noticed a huge mural of our proscenium overlooking the intersection of John R and Broadway. The stage, which at first appears empty, is the site of an exciting new way for Detroit Opera to share its newest productions with Detroiters! Using augmented reality, pedestrians can scan the mural with their phone to reveal hidden trailers that soar above the street. Scan the QR code above to download the Eletrifly app!

Ann Arbor-based BrandXR, the no-code Augmented Reality platform & award-winning XR (extended reality) studio, which has worked with the NBA, NASA, and Henry Ford Health to create unique experiences for their brands, has partnered with immersive art company Electrifly to produce Detroit's annual Augmented Reality Mural Festival, which runs late summer to early fall.  

This season, Detroit Opera used this Augmented Reality platform to highlight the extended reality, vaporwave-styled production of The Valkyries. With the Electrifly app, viewers could tune in to watch the Valkyries flying across the Opera House in their virtual Valhalla.  


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