Reviews: Alonzo King LINES Ballet - Detroit Opera

Reviews: Alonzo King LINES Ballet

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I’m speechless. Alonzo King performance was spectacular; please, please!!!!! bring them back!


Superb ballet. I was so moved and loved the performance.


The ballet was wonderful. The dancers were perfect. The music....too loud! At times, the music overshadowed the dancers' movements.


This group worked so hard for the entire performance. Very impressive. Would love to see more from them.


Please bring this company back for another season. My daughter and I were riveted, clenching hands and tearing up. She is a grad of Wayne’s BFA program and actively involved in the Detroit independent dance community. I am merely a lover of art and I was moved to see such beauty on a Sunday afternoon in the upper Midwest. Keep up the great work!

Tommy B

It was absolutely stunning. From Alonzo's talk to the intro of the performance, all the way until the end. The dancers and the music were written and put together so incredible. Each indivual deserves the very best of congratulations.


Alonzo King ballet was excellent, entertaining just an amazing performance.

Bailey's Aunt

The performance was absolutely fabulous!!
Truly Spellbinding!!


It was absolutely amazing, beautiful, fantastic. I will be back.


I thought the dancing was excellent in many ways Sometimes I felt a void of misunderstanding with what I was hearing and seeing. That went on and on
One of the tall female dancers outshined all of the others.


Absolutely mesmerizing, the company is fantastic.


I loved the performance. The 4 principal dancers were wonderful. I think the performance could have been a little longer. Great afternoon with friends.


Artistry at its highest level!


LINES Ballet was truly inspirational. The addition of Lisa Fisher’s vocals made it one of the best performances I have seen. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season!