Reviews: Ballet Hispánico - Detroit Opera

Reviews: Ballet Hispánico

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Both my husband and I loved Ballet Hispanico’s Dona Peron! The prima ballerina gave a beautiful, strong, and captivating performance while the rest of the company provided a wonderful showcase for her. The set and costuming were simple but perfect for the narrative. And the live music was a treat! Thank you!


It was amazing. From the moment the curtain was raised I was enthralled. The simplicity of the stage props to the dancers costumes added to the magical evening. Each of the dancers performances were elevated by every other dancers movements. We attended Frida, which we loved as well, but this one was mesmerizing. I could literally not take my eyes off the stage. Bravo!


I was in awe of the creativity....the movements, the rich engagement of the dancers music, the theme, emotion. I am not qualified to say more it was beyond wonderful, and I would love to see them again.. I loved every minute it just flowed the time went by too fast.


Ballet Hispanico should be on the every year rotation they were phenomenal

Pierre Detroit

Fantástico! Mi camisa fuera para Ballet Hispanico!


I attended Sunday matinee and was sad I had not gotten tickets for the Saturday performance as I would have returned for the second performance the next day. It was visually enchanting. The dancers were stellar. The music fabulous. I was riveted the entire time, on the edge of my seat. Bring Ballet Hispanico back!!


I have sorely missed live performances these past two years. Coming back into the Detroit Opera House was welcomed by all. My 6 year granddaughter, her mom, two of my daughters and myself attended. I regretted not bringing all the spouses because the Sunday matinee performance was magnificent—the dancing, the music, the costuming, the lighting and staging were absolutely fantastic!! The 6 year old was unfamiliar with the story of Dona Peron but she was positively riveted—no wiggling, no asking for snacks or bathroom excursions! When she got home to tell her dad and brother what she saw she couldn’t talk fast enough. Thank you for all.


Ballet Hispanico's production of Dona Peron was captivating. The choreography was interesting, dynamic, and creative while conveying a moving portrayal of the life of Odna Peron. Bravo!


I was in a trance of storytelling by movement and expression. The skills and beauty pulled me in. I loved the use of color, shape, symbols and the reach to the very end of a story that needs to be told.
Bravo to the leads and all the supports. I was CAPTIVATED.


Absolutely FANTASTIC performance! Wish you could bring the show to Grand Rapids sometime in the future. I don't typically attend ballet, but I was intrigued by the subject matter and I'm so glad I was able to experience this wonderful show.


The audience was small (only half full ) and those who passed on it missed a great show!!


The performance was phenomenal and thrilling. Beyond amazing work for the lead dancer and the rest of the team. They delivered an amazing show..


Absolutely excellent. I would recommend going.

Don H

I am a 72 year old man who had never before attended a ballet performance. I was caught entirely off guard. The performance was absolutely stunning! I hope the company returns again next year.


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