Reviews: Cavalleria rusticana: In Concert - Detroit Opera

Reviews: Cavalleria rusticana: In Concert

Photos by: Mitty Carter

Josephine McDonald, Auburn Hills

Glorious voices. Magnificent Orchestra. Great conductor. Outstanding chorus.
Thank you everyone who is associated with The Michigan Opera.
Unless I missed something, it’s unfortunate there was no review of Cavalleria Rusticana at Meadowbrook in Detroit's major newspapers. However, there was an article about Kid Rock’s 6/5 performance in Tennessee in The Detroit Free. I believe this is a sad commentary on classical music in our city.


Dazzling. Inspiring. I didn't think Detroit had it in it anymore to produce outstanding art. Goerke is the real deal; Bignamini, too.

Mary, Auburn Hills

MOT REACHED ANOTHER MILESTONE IN ITS EXTRAORDINARY HISTORY WITH THIS CAVALLARIA RUSTICANA AT THE MEADOWBROOK PAVILION. A too long absent fan base emerged resilient and in full to celebrate with the BATHS OF CARACALLA voices in a matchless display of musical artistry. OH WE HAVE MISSED YOU MOT.

Barbara Williams, Warren

A triumph! The orchestra under Jader Bignamini and the chorus under Suzanne Acton were world class. The role of Santuzza could have been written for Christine Goerke. Her lush, expansive voice enveloped the amphitheater Hard to believe it was her role debut. Brian Jagde had brilliant top notes. Catherine Martin and Alfred Walker were excellent as Lola and Alfio. Absolutely world class was Ronnita Miller as Mama Lucia. What a solid gorgeous voice! Luckily she will be returning to MOT later this season for Malcolm X. Can’t wait to hear her again. MOT should be proud to have given us such a thrilling, post pandemic gift.

Terry Shea, Grosse Pointe

All was glorious and new! It was so wonderful to see the MOT Orchestra out of the pit with new DSO music director Yader Bignamini conducting. Getting to meet MOT’s new Artistic Director Yuval Sharon was a treat. MOT’s new Associate Artistic Director/Diva Christine Goerke led a wildly talented group of vocal artists in a very intense one-act that showcased opera at its fireworks-best. Welcome back, arts! Sign me up for more, please.

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