Reviews: Dance Theatre of Harlem - Detroit Opera

Reviews: Dance Theatre of Harlem

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I always enjoy seeing the joy on the faces of this troupe. You can tell that they are having the best time. So it was a little bit different with the masks on but still amazing. And the fact that they did all that hard work while masking. Wow.

I was so happy to be back at the opera house, I would have worn whatever you wanted me to.



What a wonderful evening! We thoroughly enjoyed the reopening of the Michigan Opera Theater with its performance by the Dance Theater of Harlem: Higher Ground. What a treat to be part of the audience that was totally engaged with the fantastic dancers and wonderful music. The vision was complete as we enjoyed the entire surrounds of such a beautiful venue. A night to remember!



The Dance Theater of Harlem performance was amazing!! I was glad to see live theatre again. And the Stevie wonder piece touched my soul!!



My sister and I thoroughly enjoyed the DTH performance. We were happy to be back. We come every year for the DTH / Alvin Ailey. Attending these two troupes performances has been a staple of my family for many years. God willing and the creek don't rise I will continue to attend the performances of these two troupes. Glad to be back MOT.



An elegant night in Detroit. The performance was phenomenal. Happy to be back in the theatre!



Amazing. So very happy to be able to see this performance, especially on the first night.



The performance was magnificent and so moving and the Opera House was as always a beautiful venue.


Mayowa Lisa

It was thrilling, moving and relevant. I smiled on the inside. I was moved to tears. It felt incredibly good to go to a live dance performance and it was captivating throughout.



I enjoyed the performance on Saturday pm immensely. The dancers were extraordinaire. I was amazed how they danced in their masks! Delighted to be back on the Opera House.



It was outstanding! It was so good to be able to see live entertainment again and what a great way to start the season with the Dance Theatre of Harlem!


A. Wright

This performance, by the Dance Theater of Harlem, was so beautifully and wonderfully delivered! I have been fortunate to see many of the DTOH performances and I am always amazed at the artistic ability to produce an even more mesmerizing and (yes!) heartfelt performance.

I love the MOT for continuing to bring this wonderful presentation to Detroiters year after year!