Reviews: Faust - Detroit Opera

Reviews: Faust

Bass Robert Pomakov as Méphistophélès(center) with mezzo-soprano Jenny Anne Flory as Siébel (left) and baritone Ben Reisinger as Wagner (seated) with Detroit Opera Chorus in a scene from Act One of Faust - Credit: Austin Richey / Detroit Opera


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What a wonderful performance. As noted by many reviewers, the music, singing and acting were top notch. Mephistopheles, Valentin, Marguerite and of course Faust grabbed and held my attention the entire time with thrilling vocals. The chorus, the orchestra - all combined to an exciting and moving eperience. Great to come to Detroit and be so splendidly entertained.


Overall, a great experience. The leads, Faust, Mephistopheles, and Marguerite, were outstanding. The set was minimalist but adapted well to the sets. The modern setting also worked very well. Really enjoyed this!


Delightful but not shallow. Engaging but not condescending. Youthful vibrant wise thoughtful. The staging and sets were spare but they enhanced the production. Singing was enthralling.


This was my first time seeing Faust on stage and I loved it… The music and singing were absolutely fantastic… The acting was just wonderful. Truly a beautiful performance by all. While I appreciated them con-temporizing the story, I felt the bare, stark sets and costumes underwhelming. I would have liked something more visual and opulent to match the great performers. Still, overall a truly spectacular evening.


The performance was very engaging. It kept my full attention and interest from beginning to end and has become a topic of conversation in my household.


The DOT's performance of Faust was OUTSTANDING, with magnificent voices and acting. And the chorus was exceptional, as well. This performance rivals any I've seen at the Chicago Lyric Opera, for example. Truly spectacular


The performance was ok. The orchestra.was excellent. Everything else was underwhelming and fell below expectations.
The delivery of the story was convoluted and weak. Coupled with dismal costumes and a ridiculous cheap stage presentation resulted in a joyless event. Please let this rendition of Faust die.


I thought the soloists, orchestra and chorus were all terrific. The sets were pretty ordinary and the production was almost comical, which for a dark and serious opera was unacceptable.


We loved the music (kudos to the orchestra!) and the singers (including the chorus), as well as the acting by Mephistopheles. The sets were terrible—uninteresting and strangely dysfunctional, with features like second story doors with no access and a door that wobbled in and out before finally closing with difficulty. The modern casual dress was disappointing and we had hoped for actual dancing to the waltz.


The music was gorgeous, the singing was wonderful, the set was a disappointment. As indicated in the opera talk by the director: "minimal is maximal" is simply not true.


The performances were wonderful. The orchestra was superb. The set design was annoying: It looked like someone was trying too hard to make a point, which was ridiculously difficult to watch.


I really enjoyed the performance! The third act was a bit slow for me but the rest of it was great with some very nice voices and acting. I was not too fond of the set. The two doors above each other distracted me as i was thinking more about how you enter and exit on the top row. The Chorus was fantastic and their scene as clowns, or whatever they were was awesome and unexpected. Orchestra was great as well as some really fine moments from the singers!


It was a pleasure to see such great performers so perfectly execute the production.


Great performance!! Top notch talent in a great opera. Sprinkle with a little wit and humor here and there and you have one great evening.


The production was absolutely stunning, with many elements giving a "wow" factor. The performances were excellent.


I absolutely loved it. Was skeptical after reading the Freep review, expectations were low and I was blown away by the simplistic aspect of the sets, the lighting, the contemporary clothing, movements, etc. Marguerite was wonderful, Faust a bit a weak at times but when he shined, was terrific. Bravo on the new direction of Faust. Keep up the good work Sharon!!! from a 77 year old woman used to traditional opera!


Great production in all respects. Made a lot more sense than Faust usually does.
The Wittenberg U chorus attire was a nice touch.


Loved the music and all of the singers especially the tenor Zach Borichevsky as Faust. The set was very boring.


The performance was outstanding, and the orchestra was phenomenal. The contemporary setting was refreshing and creative, demonstrating the timelessness of Faust's themes. It was very funny, engaging, and beautiful.


The performance was excellent. Every character was very well done; each had a beautiful voice and acting skills. I was particularly impressed with Robert Pomakov, and Amina Edris was spectacular. Their acting skills and facial expressions added so much to the plot. Edris was my favorite, the star of the production.
I was not impressed with the sets. Very stark and boring. I understand that the emphasis should be on the performers, but the sets should be an enhancement, not a detriment.


The music, singing and acting were wonderful. Truly a beautiful performance by all. The sets, however, were horrible. Was this an attempt at saving money? I realize the time was of today but the sets were basically a plywood wall and a stockroom ladder. Horrible.