Reviews: Fountain of Tears (Ainadamar) - Detroit Opera

Reviews: Fountain of Tears (Ainadamar)


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That was one trippy opera.


I loved Ainadamar. It was one of the best and rarest operas I have ever seen. The dancing was phenomenal. The singing was lovely. The themes, Spanish language, and story line were wonderfully unique. The entire production was lively and captivating.


This was my 2nd time seeing this production, this time from a great seat, in the Trustees' Circle, toward the center. It was a great experience from such an excellent perspective! Now I know why the best seats cost more. Seeing it a second time, I will now remember it more vividly.


My wife and I loved every second of it. We would see it again if schedules permitted.


I liked it. It was my first 21st century opera live, and my first live opera by a living composer. The talk before the opera by the artistic director and composer was great. I was very impressed, especially by the artistic director. I love flamenco dance, and the dancing was pretty good, especially since the dancers were also singers. Lorca is one of my favorite poets in Spanish, and I have also seen one of his plays. Overall, enjoyable, and I will be seeing this performance a second time. Thank you for doing this opera!


Beautiful performance. Very gripping. Amazing musical score. The dancing and singing were fabulous. However, it would have been better if all they music was organic rather than a mix f live with recorded. I encourage everyone to see it.


Go see this show. Beautiful, poignant, haunting and yet triumphant. A gorgeous story of queer friendship, loss and keeping our loved ones alive through tribute. The lighting and set were like additional characters. Spectacular.


The most dynamic performance of the entire 2022/2023 Opera and Dance season!