Reviews: Swan Lake - Detroit Opera

Reviews: Swan Lake


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We very much enjoyed the production. We appreciate Detroit Opera taking chances to step away from all traditional programming. The finale of this Swan Lake production was one of the magnificent things I have ever seen. In light of the week we had with the unfolding tragedy at MSU it was a relief, if only for a moment, to take leave of the despair. Thank you Detroit Opera and the Preljocaj company.


Perfection! Absolutely beautiful!!!


A beautiful rendition of a classic ballet, with very modern and well-placed changes. The show felt very fresh, interesting, and relevant. The Prince shined on the stage, I have never seen someone move with such grace and fluidity. Would definitely recommend this show, 10/10.


Modern take on old-times classic was incredible! Despite the contemporary settings (and music which blended in with the classical one superbly) favorite characters were recognizable and as strong as ever. Everything worked well together: music, choreography, costumes and background effects. Thank you for this gift!