Reviews: The Hard Nut - Detroit Opera

Reviews: The Hard Nut


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Absolutely amazing!! I knew nothing about Mark Morris’ dance group and now, after watching The Hard Nut, I am looking at where do they perform next around Michigan, so I can go and see them again. Highly recommended! A pure joy!


Thank You all! From start to finish. Creative, imaginative and confirmed that in my next life I want to come back as a dancer. Thank you for bringing this to Detroit.
Loved it!


I was impressed with the diversity in casting, the beautiful sets and costumes and appreciate the edginess of this interpretation of the Nutcracker. I did, however, miss some of the beauty and elegance of the more traditional dance associated with this magical ballet.


Lots of color, lots of fun, very cheeky. Great work by the orchestra. Suggestion: Use the superscripts and project cues, clues, and who-is-who as dancers interpret the various acts in the work. It works for opera and would even work better for dance.


The Hard Nut was a delightful treat for the eyes. Highly entertaining production complete with colorful costumes, fantastic choreography set to beautiful music. The script was well written and hilarious.
As soon as it ended I wanted to see it again! Bravo! Mark Morris. Bravo!


Inconsistent. Parts were very good especially the snow ballet. Also the pas de deuxs
Other parts I thought the dancing was only fair and the raunchy parts were not appropriate for the audience.
The orchestra was great though.