Reviews: The Very Last Green Thing - Detroit Opera

Reviews: The Very Last Green Thing

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Dan Kern

Wonderful production. Incredible acting. Heavenly singing. A masterpiece!


Raymond Ward

Wow, just AMAZING, bravissimo!! This brings back such great memories of when Ben was part of MOTCC in this performance among many others. Experiences there helped shape him musically in so many ways that I can't thanks enough 🙂

This was a wonderful adaptation, one that must have been challenging to produce. Congratulations to all who spent so much time on this massive undertaking 🎭🎹🎼


Melissa Koesel

BRAVO 👏! Fantastic performance MOTCC! Reed and I miss your smiling faces and beautiful voices and hope to join you again soon! 🌱💚


Kara Kramer Watson

Brava!! So proud of all the kids! The Watson family wishes to thank all the directors and MOT for giving the kids this opportunity! We have treasured our time here over the last 4 years. We are especially proud of our Grace. You did Amy proud. Brava to all the hardworking kids and their families👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


Nadine Deleury

It was AMAZING! I cannot start imagining the work and hours it took to produce this incredible virtual performance. Thank you to the parents too. We have seen many virtual performances, but this one is the most unique and (again) amazing! Bravi to all involved!


Lisa Barnett

Thank MOT for a brilliant production. This is truly a work of art! With everything going on in the world right now this is very timely. The voices of these young people are amazing and congratulations to all involved especially the parents and vocal coaches! This is a truly a gem. Thank you. I will not forget the line "be generous with your love for all things that are living!


Barbara Wiltsie

Fabulous in all aspects!! Musically precise - congrats to the music director/coaches- clever acting, creative video engineering! So much to learn from for future virtual productions many of us will need to consider these next many months. Bravissimo to all - especially to Molly the teacher who will be part of our first ever remote summer musical theatre training at Madonna Univ! 👍🏻🌱


Shannon Heidrich Phillips

I am so proud of everyone involved in this production, most especially the hard working and talented kids! The virtual opera exceeded all expectations and is a testament to this wonderful organization, amazing teamwork and all of your dedication to and love of music. Thank you for sharing it with all of us!


Sue Jaissle Williams

Bravo!!! 👏 👏 Beautiful performance....Well done, everyone! Timely words for us..."Be generous with your generous with your love...". ❤


Amie Heitchue

I’m so proud to be an alumni. Congrats to everyone, it was amazing!


Emily Joan Rothman Eichenhorn

This was absolutely wonderful! Such a great job. It was terrific.


Chancellor Wyman

Thank you so much for this. Everyone did a fabulous job. Congratulations!


Karen Hardey

Extraordinary! The voices, the artistry, the story line, the expressions, the simplicity of the imagery, yet the power of the message. WOW! Congratulations, Anika! You were a standout!

Laura Beth Eglin

Congratulations MOT children's chorus! What a huge undertaking! We loved it!

Fred Buchalter

Bravi Tutti! Beautifully performed and produced! What a special gift! Miss you all and hope to be with you again soon on the main stage! Stay well....stay safe!


Sarah Mushtaq Ali

Wow! Such a Fantastic performance MOTCC. So proud of everyone 😊


Natasha Phoenix

This was a wonderful production! The message is so needed right now. Thank you!

Cristina DiChiera

The kids did such a great job! The final song is inspiring and lovely. So much talent!


Amber Louchart

Wow. Wtg everyone. It was really amazing and the production was well done.

Victoria Bigelow

I am clapping wildly and crying! This was fantastic! Kudos to all for a job extremely well done!

Irene McDougall

Finally Lesley opened the performance up for us all to see and hear absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Love you all.


Debi Kern

Great job Ava! Wonderful performance


Daniel Otwell

I enjoyed this performance very much! Thank you all!

Karen Pugh Kline

Congrats to the MOTCC members and especially to Grace Watson and Molly Levin. Brava !!!!

Marylynn Buckosky

Fabulous performance! Congratulations to the Pannikar family!

Jessica Brewer Conway

Wonderful job everyone!💕

Patricia Piedrahita

Bravi tutti!!! Proud of our kiddos and very grateful to the staff of MOTCC for making this happen.

Suzanne M Hanna

Amazing! BRAVO!!!👏👏👏👏👏


Stephanie Miltimore

Excellent! So much fun to watch ❤️

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