Reviews: Twilight: Gods - Detroit Opera

Reviews: Twilight: Gods

Mary Mazure

Thank all involved! An astonishing afternoon. The joy of a live performance, and the delight of the depth of the production. So much to think about and discuss afterwards. A great debut for Mr. Sharon. I can hardly wait for his next work and the seasons ahead. Also thanks to my daughter who thought of the Bravo/Brava signs.


This was a very special night for us. We were celebrating both my birthday and my friend John's birthday on October 21. We had no idea what to expect but wow were we surprised. Everyone did a great job from starting on the flat lot to exiting the top floor. How cool that a Mustang was used for Grane. Christine Goerke blew us away. I hope we see more of these alternative performances. Keep up the good work.

Robin and Patricia

My wife and I emerged from this excellent in every way production with heart filled thanks for a temporary respite from the angst filled season we find ourselves in presently. We loved responding to creative, well performed art and wish to thank MOT and everyone involved for a fun-filled hour plus.

Jeff Marraccini

Really nicely done! The performances were outstanding, and the great way the instrumentalists and vocalists performed the music in this unique way of delivery was indeed emotional, as several have said! Surely this was a lot of work by the entire team. Thank you very much for all the hard work to keep Opera alive in Detroit!


Well Done! Very creative and innovative experience, for which we will never forget. Scenes were well thought out. Love the modern touches with the hearse and the cars! The only negative was that the overall storytelling was truncated. Overall, we loved it!

Matteo Valenti

I really loved this performance. I expected something out of the ordinary but I didn’t expect the high quality. From the sound to the musicians to the cast it was all top notch. Great job!


I was so happy to get a chance to see this very creative production! I applaud Yuval Sharon for his vision and creativity and the performers for helping us feel such a powerful story even during the pandemic! I especially loved Grane being the Ford Mustang! How clever! Seeing Christine Goerke within 15 feet of my car was so exciting! I wish the performers could have seen my smile through my mask and heard me clapping! I will cherish this wonderful and creative performance for my entire life! Thank you to all of you!!


I loved it! The voices, the sound, the live instrumentalists, the details, the creativity, the poetry, the cars. Wow! A big thank you all who made this happen. For me it was a brand new experience, and a new way to connect with opera. I hope these alternative performances will continue long after the pandemic passes.

J Kunz

A magical, timely, and riveting performance. I was at the indoor screening, so I didn't have the same experience as the drivers, but it had no less power to see the performance in the opera house on a screen. Thank you for creating such a beautiful masterpiece and thank you so much to the performers. It brought much-needed joy to my heart.


Wow! So lucky I was able to participate in such a unique and creative event. The singing was gorgeous. The instrumentation was great and very interesting. The lighting and sets were very well suited to the venue. And I loved the venue. The last scene on the roof with Christine Goerke in the foreground and the Detroit skyline in the background was awesome! Such attention to detail with the logistics made for a very smooth transition between scenes. I enjoyed it so much I wanted to go through it again! Kudos to all involved for a fantastic event.


A wonderful and creative experience! Many thanks to Mr. Sharon, performers, musicians, and the support team for their time and efforts. Such an innovative production! I'll never look at a parking structure the same way. A wonderful mental oasis during these challenging times. My only regret is that I couldn't offer enthusiastic bravos!


Welcome, Yuval Sharon! I loved this Motown-does-Wagner celebration -- a testimony to the power of art and music and good people to come together around an amazing story and connect in all-new ways. We may need to make parking-lot performances an MOT tradition even after the pandemic is history.

Sarah Jackson

Last night, I found tears rolling down my cheeks quite a few times. My nine year old daughter said she loved it, my mother and husband thanked me profusely for getting the tickets, and my sister who doesn't really have the opera bug, said it was one of the best things that she has seen in her life. It certainly was one of the most amazing hours that I have ever had in Detroit. Yuval Sharon, thank you for coming to Detroit; what you have created was pure, unadulterated, breathtaking beauty. The parking lot, the trees-horses-lights, the funeral lights, the graffiti, Ms. Music, the incredible voices of all the singers, Ms. Goerke singing directly to my wee girl, the Mustang, my god what an experience. Mark Twain once apologized for writing a long letter because he didn't have time to write a short one. Mr. Sharon just wrote a short love letter to the opera gods.

Becky Lazzara

Absolutely amazing! Creative, out of the box performance! Only one bummer...I couldn’t come up with a way to recognize the talent! Not being able to applaud was difficult. The whole experience was so personal and intimate...BRAVO!!!

Shelby Tornberg

It was mesmerizing and magnificent! I am so proud of the MOT for bringing us this innovative production. I can't believe Christine Goerke was within touching range, singing to us!! Marsha Music was brilliant. Congratulations to Wayne Brown and Yuval Sharon and the MOT crew! I am looking forward to the Yuval era in Detroit!


Our car filled with a diverse group age-wise, opera-interest wise, and neurodiverse were all greatly moved by the experience. To have world class opera stars feet away from you is absolutely amazing. The Detroit-centric performance made us feel a part of the experience even more. We all left feeling absolutely electrified by the experience. BRAVO!


I'm not a fan of the Ring cycle. Don't usually care for mythological fantasies. This might change my mind. Congratulations to all who participated and thanks especially for the brilliant poetic rendering by Marsha Music. It made the whole thing work. The only thing missing was the opportunity to show my appreciation of the cast and the rest of the team through their bows and my applause and cheers. Special thanks to the helpful guides. I am very excited about the Yuval Sharon era at MOT.

Paul Wemhoff

One of the most unique musical experiences ever. The opportunity to have Christine Goerke singing to us outside our car window was surreal. Thank you Yuval Sharon for finding a way to fill the opera vacuum during this pandemic, and so nice to meet you in the parking lot!

Sarah Smarch

I was absolutely blown away with the attention to detail, all of the Detroit-specific references, and the way Marsha's narration served to draw patrons into the story: every moment was clearly crafted with purpose and the artistry was tremendous. This is the most exhilarating artistic experience I have encountered in recent memory.
I also observed Yuval personally welcoming patrons in their cars and throughout the lobby and was excited to witness his sincere devotion to the opera community.


Congratulations to MOT for a BRILLIANT performance of Twilight: Gods. It was glorious. The staging was brilliantly creative, the music and storytelling was superb. Just an amazing performance by all involved. It was wonderful to enjoy a live performance.

Keith Koppmeier

Thank you so much for an incredible evening and performance. Congrats to everyone who made it possible. Cannot wait to see and hear what you do next!

Patricia Wheeler

What an incredible performance - every element was perfectly thought our and beyond my wildest dreams. To get to experience such top-rate opera during a pandemic is a joy. Bravo!

Gloria Page

LOVE it!! The story teller, music, settings, and most of all the singing. It was great to be back. Thank you

Nate Wallace

BRAVO!!! The creativity and innovation of MOT was in full display. Beautiful introduction to Yuval and his vision. Looking forward to much more


Innovative, well executed and fun. Welcome to Detroit Yuval.

Richard Sonenklar & Gregory Haynes

Greg and I just want to say congratulations to MOT, to Yuval, and to Wayne for the incredible experience that “Twilight: Gods” was. We were not sure exactly what to expect and we were more than pleasantly surprised. Besides the singing and music, I thought Marsha Music’s poetry moved the story along beautifully. Even a person unfamiliar with the Wagner Ring could understand the plot. All the performers met the challenge admirably, but of course our special gift was hearing Christine Goerke again. And I am sure Arthur had a good time driving her around. We can see all the work and preparation that went into making the production work. The logistics alone were impressive. I hope the other times went just as smoothly as ours did. But I have to say that the hearse to lead Siegfried’s funeral was an inspired touch. I actually laughed aloud. We anxiously await Yuval Sharon's next great idea.

Laurie G

Marvelous performance. So creative, loved the hearse, the mustang, and most of all Christine Goerke ❤️


Brilliant concept....beautifully executed!!!! Would love to see it again.

Tiffany Ellis

 One of the most innovative, immersive arts experiences I've ever had. Bravo! I cannot wait to see the future of Opera in Detroit under Yuval!


Thank you for the opportunity to experience live opera again - and to do so with world-class singers in an ingenious production! Such ingenuity. Bravo to MOT for taking a big risk when so many other companies are pulling back. Totally worth the 8+ hour drive 🙂

Clifford and Zoe Furgison

 WOW ! Inventive and incredible staging of Wagner. We are instant fans of Yuval Sharon and looking forward to his creative vision going forward. Bravo !


 LOVE It!! The music, the singing, and the settings. First time I've seen an opera from my car and was outstanding. Thank you it was good to be back at the opera.

Bud L.

An incredible musical and theatrical experience with unbelievably complex and successful logistics. Congratulations for such out-of-the-box thinking and the courage to bring this unique production to life. Bravo to everybody involved, especially to Yuval Sharon for the concept and to Wayne Brown for supporting and producing the program. MORE!!!

Matthew Simoncini

Amazing! An incredible interpretation and execution of this Opera. Visually stimulating and fantastic music. Unlike anything I have seen.

Cathy K.

The whole event was amazing! From the start the staff were so great at guiding us through the different areas of the parking lot and then to actually get a chance to meet Wayne Brown and Yuval Sharon was icing on the cake. What a classy move, going to each and every car introducing themselves. The last scene was so great, not only because we heard the lovely soprano Christine Goerke but we saw her ride off on her horse Grane, played by a Ford Mustang. Brilliant! And looking at the beautiful Detroit skyline. Pure bliss, the whole evening. Thank you so much MOT. Can't wait to come back to the theatre and experience more of your magic💝


The staging was spot on. The sound was fantastic. Thank you to Yuval and crew for a memorable experience.


Laura Eglin

We LOVED every second of Twilight: Gods! It was innovative and fun. Every parking level held new surprises and the singing and musicians were so beautiful to hear after so many months of nothing live! Thank you for your creative genius! We can’t wait to see what you do next!

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