Reviews: Xerxes - Detroit Opera

Reviews: Xerxes


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I feel I have been introduced to the next generation of opera super stars. This young and energetic cast was truly inspiring. Aside from great voices - under control even in the most demanding of passages - but great comedians as well. I was particularly impressed with Elizabeth Sutphen's grasp of comedic singing and acting, including some rather energetic prat-falls. Further, I am especially drawn to counter tenor voices and have experienced some of the best –Andreas Scholl, David Daniels, etc. – but Key'mon W. Murrah's mastery took my breath away, especially in that high-rise range he was able to reach so comfortably! And Dame Jane Glover! Bravo, Detroit!



I loved everything about this opera - the glorious music, the voices, the costumes, the humor. It couldn't have been better; kudos to Detroit Opera!



Moved to tears! Excellence!



A modern baroque opera presentation in the tradition of the English operas of the 16th and 17th centuries. The musical genius of GFH and an exceptional cast of performers were a treat for the senses. The orchestra and conductor Dame Jane Glover were consummate. A thoroughly unique and enjoyable presentation.



Xerxes was superb - a special treat for DOT's season. It is baroque and its style is akin to a whole unique art form. Handle could evoke emotion in a special way that resonates to this day. The cast was superb and a great countertenor adds a dash of extra flavor to the work. And special kudos go to Dame Jane Glover and the orchestra. The sounds of the musicians blended perfectly with the expressive sounds of the vocalists. She is a great artist whose talent is much appreciated. Come back soon!!!



Bravo, an outstanding production. We enjoyed everything about it. Talking to some people around us we learned that we were not alone. My husband was mightily impressed by the counter tenor. We both agreed that the ensemble could not be better. The scenery was an impressive creation and must have inspired the singers. Finally, hurray for the orchestra. They are the best. Kudos to the Detroit Opera management for bringing us Dame Jane Glover.



Amazing amazing
Wonderful casts stunning voices
The best orchestra
Nice music selection



Xerxes was a masterpiece in true Detroit Opera fashion. It was perfect.



Even though the storyline was a little silly and dated, the voices and the orchestra made me smile with delight. I could have listened all night.