Why I Give - Detroit Opera

Dr. Charmaine Johnson

As an educator, I have always appreciated the arts.
Since Detroit is my home, I want previous generations, the present generation and future generations to come to experience opera, dance, music and other performing arts. I love and truly support this city. "Hello Detroit'!



I lived in Detroit for several years during professional training and appreciate the performing arts-- I have heard of wonderful experiences of those who have attended performances at MOT, and want to support one of the city's great cultural institutions during a time of need.


Mary Bender

I gave in honor of my niece and 2 nephews, Maria, Mark, and James- all members of MOTCC.


Judy Minitelli

I donated in memory of Marie Brunke. She loved opera and her family requested that in lieu of flowers, donations be made in her memory.


Frank Coppola

It is a Detroit Treasure that must be preserved. I have loved the opera since I was a child in the sixties. My mother & grandfather introduced and taught me to love the beauty and splendor of the opera. I introduced my wife to it and we have enjoyed seeing the operas. We will continue to support and attend.


E. Record

I always loved the arts and dance. Wished I could be a dancer. So I live vicariously through those who do dance and support and volunteer whenever I can.



Mine is a long story which i will try to shorten.

After 56 years of no contact, a "boy" I had gone with and had played in the school orchestra with, made contact and a number of letters were exchanged. He lives in Louisiana and plays in three symphony orchestras in southern states.

In one of his letters – we had not met face to face yet – he mentioned that the opera Macbeth was plying in Detroit and asked if seeing the production would be something I was interested in. Since I had taught Macbeth several times in my teaching career , we made plans to attend the MOT. Both of us enjoyed the production immensely and, because we had such a positive experience, we have seen many other productions in the year and a half we have been together – still in contact via mail.

Macbeth at the MOT started two 74 years olds on a wonderful journey of enjoying togetherness in music.



I love the arts and especially the wonderful selection of Operas that are offered to us every year. I will support the MOT as much as posslble.



The arts make life better. And dance is a very special art. I am so happy whenever I am able to see a dance performance and I appreciate the intense years of work the dancers commit to for getting on to the stage. Beautiful.


Rosemary Gugino

I look forward to the selection of operas for the season as a variety of favorites to rarely seen to new. The rehearsals offered to seniors and students offer an inexpensive exposure to opera and are very well organized and appreciated by many and the student performances are a highlight of the year.


Wesley Smith

Michigan Opera productions, along with the many cultural and educational programs, make living in Detroit an enriching and ennobling experience. The intimate setting of the auditorium, (with no poor vantage points), the jaw dropping sets and lighting, the vigorous orchestra, and the spectacular vocal artists make having a resident opera company in your home town, no less envious or compelling than other larger markets, such as Chicago or New York. Michigan Opera Theatre is indeed a jewel and one that shines gloriously each and every season!


Akeem R. Jacobs

I'm transitioning from the military to the civilian sector which is a big move so I don't have a lot to give and even still I give what I can to MOT because MOT gives this city something great. Opportunity. The Michigan Opera house not only provides a unique sense of entertainment but, also something for younger generations to aspire to whether that something be singing, dancing, or even stage production and instrumentation. Its on us the citizens to protect the diamonds that we have in our state and this is without a doubt one of them. Every little bit donated helps to do just that.


Christine J. Berryman

MOT provides excellent summer enrichment programs for aspiring vocalists from the southeast Michigan area. The 2017 operetta camp provided my daughter with the opportunity to expand her talents and grow her confidence. The instructors were both knowledgeable, approachable and affirmative. Now I want to give back, not only by patronizing the opera productions, and supporting the rising stars, but also by giving of my time.



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