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Detroit Opera’s Ambassadors program cultivates, trains, and empowers volunteers to contribute to audience development efforts at the grassroots community level. Drawing inspiration from docent models long used by museums, Detroit Opera provides Ambassadors with the training, resources, and institutional support needed to represent the organization effectively in numerous communities and social networks across the state. Ambassadors leverage their own passion for opera to help introduce the art form to diverse audiences and build new regional and statewide relationships. Volunteers advocate for the distinctive needs and cultural interests of their own communities, ensuring appealing and rewarding experiences that help generate new interest in opera and increased ticket sales.

Benefits of becoming an Ambassador

Access. Ambassadors receive invitations to special lectures, behind-the-scenes tours, house concerts, and opportunities to introduce friends and family to an opera for the first time.

Leadership.  Ambassadors are part of Detroit Opera Volunteers

Camaraderie. Ambassadors are part of a close-knit community of diverse individuals with the common interests of attending opera performances and supporting Detroit Opera’s mission in our region and state.

Ambassadors commit to the program

Training. Ambassadors attend a training session at the beginning of each season. We will explore the opera season as a whole, delve into the themes and productions of individual shows, and talk about how they can best resonate within different communities. I think some of you might enjoy learning about the season and ways to promote it!

Professionalism. Ambassadors work as part of a larger team of volunteers and staff, and serve as representatives of Detroit Opera in their communities, as well as during their attendance at Detroit Opera performances and events. Ambassadors are the public face of Detroit Opera in their community and are warm, knowledgeable, and engaging in their interactions with the public.

Questions about the Ambassadors Program at Detroit Opera? Contact Arthur White, Director of External Affairs at

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