Field Trips - Detroit Opera

Student Dress Rehearsals

Not JUST singing, music, scenery…the ACTING was incredible. The children/students in the audience seemed as though there was nothing much to anticipate. THEN… the curtain arose and their reaction was as mine in 1969 when I saw the Grand Canyon for the first time!
-Jacqueline Rhodes, West Oakland Music Teachers Association, President

For more information on Student Dress Rehearsals, please contact Branden Hood, Manager: Education and Community Programs at

Backstage tours of the Detroit Opera House

Student field trips to the Detroit Opera House are a rewarding learning experience! Tour the magnificently restored Detroit Opera House, including backstage areas not accessible to the public.

With the largest stage in Michigan, the Detroit Opera House is equipped to handle grand opera, classical dance, pop concerts, Broadway shows and even ice shows. You will be amazed to learn the techniques used to restore this historic venue!

Your students will learn about many careers in the arts, such as Stage Management, Costume Design, Lighting Design, Ticketing, Marketing, Public Relations and House Management.

“Our students made so many connections with what they were studying. A fascinating field trip that they continued to talk about throughout the school year!”

–Eagle Elementary School, West Bloomfield

Book a tour

To book your tour contact Michael Hauser at, or (313) 237-3279, or complete this form.

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